Private Medical Insurance
You don’t want to fall ill, but making provision for the worst case could save a lot of worry and stress if it does happen. The public health system waiting times can be extremely long and depending on where you live and what type of procedure that you might require, but if you have medical insurance, you have the control to choose where and when you have treatment. Private medical insurance does not have to be expensive, and there are plenty of inexpensive plans available which can give you peace of mind you will be well looked after in the event you become ill.

Look for competitive quotes, easy and simple application process and a product that you can adapt to meet your needs and financial plan.

Get free advice from health experts. Beware of Private medical insurers’ that penalise you with higher premiums if you claim.

Make sure that medical insurer provides you with the liberty to choose the hospital and specialist of your choice.

Look for a guarantee that you’ll get their best price if you go to them.

Get a free quote.

Many private medical insurers penalise people aged 50+.

Some private health insurers offer a few months free cover if you pay monthly by direct debit.

Your cover will need to be fine-tuned depending on your current medical conditions, excesses, previous claims.

Look for flexibility in your private medical insurance. Everybody's health needs are different, so why shouldn't their medical insurance be?

Make sure that the medical insurer has Government approval!

A short list of private medical insurers:

Bupa, AXA, Aviva, CS Healthcare, WPA, PRU Health, Simply Health, Health-on-Line, General & Medical, Simplyhealth