Get Relief From Headaches


Maybe you’re had headaches for so long that you accept them as something you have to live with. The truth is you don’t have to live with headaches. The key to stopping them is to find their exact cause. That’s what chiropractic is all about!

To determine if your headaches can be helped by chiropractic, you’ll need a careful history and an examination. If you’re experiencing muscle spasms, tension, or head pain, chiropractic can often bring relief.

“Headaches” Are A Major Health Problem!

Headaches lead to more than 18 million office visits a year in the U.S. alone!

According to a US study by Steward, Lipton, et. al., published in 1992 – over 10 million American suffered moderate to severe disability from various forms of headache.

Researchers found a 60% higher prevalence of headaches in the lowest economic group. They concluded that one reason for this is that people with chronic severe headaches were less able to study or work. Often this translates to a reduced earning potential.

You know how irritable headaches can leave you. It’s not easy to stay motivated when you’re in pain. Just imagine how much better you would feel toward others, how productive you could be, and how much more you would enjoy life – without headaches!

Research Points to “Chiropractic”

A US study by Patrick Boline, D.C., Kasseem Kasak, Ph.D., et. Al., published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (Spring 1995) compared the effectiveness of spinal manipulation to over-the-counter medication usage for chronic tension headaches.

A sample group of 150 patients with weekly tension headaches was evaluated. The study drew the following conclusion, “Spinal manipulation therapy is an effective treatment for tension headaches…four weeks after the cessation of treatment, patients who received spinal manipulative therapy experienced prolonged therapeutic benefit.”

The patients who received spinal manipulation benefited in four ways: (1) less pain, (2) fewer headaches, (3) less medication was needed, and (4) improved overall health.

An Australian study compared chiropractic adjustments, medical manipulation, and physical therapy for the treatment of migraines. The chiropractic patients were found to have the greatest relief from headaches!

Why does chiropractic offer both immediate and long-term benefits? the chiropractic approach is different. Chiropractors focus on finding the specific vertebra involved. Chiropractic’s adjustments are specific to these vertebrae. They reduce the nerve, muscle and ligament irritation known to cause headaches. No general manipulation, no massage, no exercise, and no medication can substitute for a specific chiropractic adjustment!

“Chiropractic” Keeps You Balanced

Your body is designed to stay healthy despite the many “abuses” from daily physical, emotional and chemical stressors. But when your body can’t cope, it uses pain to let you know that something is out of balance. That distress signal usually comes in the form of pain. A headache isn’t “normal.” It signals a problem that needs attention.

Many headaches start out with a spinal misalignment in the neck. It’s been well established that cervical (neck) spine dysfunction can produce head pain or headache.

Certainly, not all headaches are caused by need problems. Yet, only 10% of all headaches are associated with a serious underlying disease process such as a tumor, hemorrhage, or acute glaucoma and the like. That means 90% of all headaches are likely to be triggered by other factors.

It is important to consider various reasons why you may be suffering from headaches. Regardless of what triggers you headaches – chiropractic can help correct spinal problems caused by physical, emotional and chemical stressors.

What all of these triggers have in common is that they can be disruptive to the body’s “homeostasis” or balance. Chiropractic helps bring the body back into balance.

Nerves along the spinal column can become irritated as a result of misaligned vertebrae or by inflammation of surrounding tissue, (i.e. injury or allergy). This irritation can lead to a blocking or scrambling of nerve transmission.

Chiropractic frees the nervous system of interference so that the nerves can carry out their intended function to keep you structurally sound and pain-free.