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Congratulations on receiving your new face Trinity device you now have the key to youthfulness in the palm of your hand the new face Trinity devices FDA cleared for facial toning and stimulation before beginning your treatment we ask that you familiarize yourself with a new face Trinity device included products and lifting techniques

Chapter 1 Get to know your new face Trinity device and include products this device is unique technology allows you to lift and firm the face in less than five minutes providing you with a radiant youthful appearance instantly the new face Trinity operates on a rechargeable battery charger device for a full 12 hours before the first use to turn on your device press the on/off button adjust the output by pressing the plus or minus button the blue lights will illuminate indicating the level about played your device will beep every five seconds indicating when to move to the next treatment area listen for the beep when using the basic or advanced technique the five second timer will control your treatments be giving you better results when your device is turned on in alternating current is omitted through the positive and negative Spears always keep both spheres on your skin during your treatment new face Trinity will not contract your facial muscles and when used correctly the current is very soothing and relaxing once you’ve completed your treatment please remember to turn off your device to exchanger treatment heads always press the release button after every treatment use a damp cloth to gently clean your device and treatment head the gel primers formulated as the optimal conductive solution and is the essential first step in the new face Trinity treatment the gel primer will transfer the microcurrent soft waves directly to your muscles for greater toning and lifting.

Chapter 2 New face Trinity instructions to begin using your device cleanse your skin removing any makeup or impurities with your preferred non oil based cleanser which will allow your pores to brief your skin will now be in perfect condition for the first step but the new face Trinity skin boosting experience

step 1: ..

Apply the new face gel primer to the treatment areas reapply the gel is necessary

step 2

Left starting at the base if your neck in staying outside the midline of the neck slowly glide your new face towards the back of your neck then take a step up and again treating the top of your neck just under your jawline repeat Step three times each step should be five seconds 1b following the natural contours if your face and starting on your nasal labial folds the lines from the nose to the mouth slowly glide your new face along your jaw line towards your loan taking one step up glider new face below your cheap phone towards the middle if you’re here continue up gliding your new face on your cheek bone towards the top of your ear stain outside if your circular I muscle repeat each step three times following the contour of your brow in lifting your forehead place the new face above sick if your brow and slowly glide your new face up toward your hairline taking a step over toward the arch of your brow and again at the end if your brow lifting toward your hairline repeat each step three times treaty opposite side of your face following the same techniques for optimal results use your new face Trinity device daily for continual youthful appearance step 3: finish remove the gel primer with a warm damp washcloth and apply our favorite new face toner serums and moisturizers to enhance the results if you’re new face Trinity treatment apply a new face Iran before the gel primer this unique technology will help increase product penetration and absorption and help you love your results even more tip exfoliate one to two times a week to remove dead cells and reveal fresh skin.

Chapter 3 new face Trinity advanced techniques now that you’ve mastered the basic technique let’s begin the advanced technique for enhanced results after prepping the skin the advanced technique can be incorporated into your basic technique to give special attention to areas of concern starting at the base of your neck staying outside the midline if your neck place the spears vertically with a slight lifting action hold until you hear the five-second on BB move a half-inch to the next Olympus Ishan left and hold continue this technique toward the back of your neck now place the spears horizontally at the top with a neck just below your jaw line list and hold to the back of your neck following the natural contours of your face start on the nasal labial folds the lines from the nose to the mouth and place the spears a vertically slightly above your jawline with a slight lifting action hold for 1b then move a half-inch to the next holding position lift and hold continue the technique torture your love take one step bath continue lifting in holding with one sphere below your cheekbone and once fear on your cheek bone continue the technique toward the top of your here remember to stay outside if your circular I muscle following the contour of your brow and lifting your forehead place the spears horizontally above the sink if your brow lifton hold for the one feat then moved up a half inch to the next holding position lift and hold take a step over toward the arch of your brow lifton hold each position again at the and if your brow lifton hold each position toward your hairline treat the opposite side of your face following the same advanced technique for optimal results use your new face treaty device daily for continual youthful appearance body instructions microcurrent technology also is known to lift and tone the body prep the skin by applying the gel primer to the treatment areas do not use new face Trinity near or on the breast chest or growing areas sized position the spears slightly above your knee on the inner thigh slowly glides here’s upward toward your upper thigh repeat instructions for the outer front and backup your side repeat each step four to five times buttocks position the spears on the bottom of your body ache slowly glide Spears upward toward the top of your body repeat instructions for middle outer and of a setback repeat each step four to five times hands position the spheres on your hand by the knuckle love your pointer finger slowly glide the spears upward toward your wrist repeat instructions for your entire hand repeat each step 4: 5 times abdomen position this year’s slightly of centered at your abdomen slowly glides fears of work toward your upper abdomen repeat instructions for the entire left side of your abdomen and then for the right side of her abdomen repeat each step four to five times underarm position this fear is slightly above your elbow slowly gliding the spheres upward toward your upper arm but staying out at the armpit repeat instructions for your entire underarm repeat each step for or five times remove Joe primer with a warm damp washcloth skin health tip: for enhance results exfoliate body before treatment.

Chapter 5 NuFACE face serums and booster introducing the NuFACE infusion serums to enhance your new face treatments and results to be used with or without your new face turn any device nurture super fruit stem cell serum combines the power of Apple grape and alpine rose stem cells to create and nourishing combination that reduces inflammation and protects skin cells against free radical damage this ideal prep product enhances the effectiveness up the other infusion serums smoother powerhouse peptide serum erases fine lines from within by increasing microcirculation this serum supports the skins own natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid pumping in filling fine lines and wrinkles for smooth air fresher look lifter with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid helps achieve a maximum left combines 14 percent vitamin C a powerful oxidant and five percent hyaluronic acid a moisture magnet that captures up to 1,000 times its own weight in water allowing for this formulated deeply hydrate and elevate the skin tissues collagen booster with copper rebuilds collagen the structural building blocks which keep young skin bouncy hydrant ogling coneflower regenerate skin thickness and density perks the sack ease the advantage in the infusion serums is that they can be used separately with a new face Trinity device or layered to give beautiful results.


How to Treat and Prevent Sports Injuries and Secondary Arthritis


For anyone involved in sports activities, injuries are a way of life. It doesn’t matter if you engage in these activities professionally or for recreation, you are at risk all the time.

When you discuss “injuries”, most of you are thinking about the common broken bone and sprained ankle. However, there is a more insidious kind of injury that can leave you with debilitating pain for the rest of your life.

When arthritis develops as a result of injuries, it is generally referred to as “secondary” osteoarthritis. That means the deterioration of the cartilage was caused by a traumatic injury to begin with. As a general rule, it takes years after the injury to develop.

There are 147 joints in the human body and each one of them has cartilage that protects the bones from coming into contact with one another. It is the degradation of this cartilage that leads people into a lifetime of debilitating pain from arthritis.

What can you do to prevent or treat this?

There is, however, something you can do now that will protect your joints and cartilage and end any pain you may currently be experiencing. Using liquid glucosamine and chondroitin your pain can be brought to a halt very quickly. With the recently released clinical studies indicating the power of these ingredients, the market is literally flooded with competing products. So how do you select the product that is right glucosamine for you?

As a general rule, the lower the grade of the product the less pain relief you will get. Using medium grade products, it will take 5-6 months for you to see relief. The same is true for the process of rehabilitating cartilage. On the other hand, a high-quality product will usually end your pain in 10-25 days, depending on the extent of your disease. As well, the healing and rehabilitation process begins nearly immediately. When choosing among glucosamine products a pharmaceutical grade liquid formula in liquid form will bring the maximum relief and protection. In addition, a high quality liquid glucosamine formula will do wonders for those recovering from orthopedic surgery.

Given the availability of glucosamine without prescription, the smart athlete is already taking a formula as a preventive measure. With its low cost, it’s a smart move both for the short term and the long one. After all, there is no sense in paying the physical price for doing the things we enjoy doing.

For all athletes and anyone suffering from secondary arthritis, I would highly suggest learning more about Syn-flex, a pharmaceutical grade liquid glucosamine formula.

Reprinted with permission from The Glucosamine Foundation.

Neck Pain


Developing a Program That’s Right for You
Information is readily available on the way to stop neck pain. The challenge is to tailor it to the particular patient. For example, it’s said that using certain kinds of pillows are best for the neck. But which kind? And does the information apply to every kind of neck pain?

Using the telephone improperly is also said to create problems in the neck. But what is the proper way to use a phone? And if a brace or special piece of equipment is necessary, which is the right one? The list goes on: cold or hot applications, rest or activity?

What Kinds of Problems Might Cause Neck Pain?
Treatment for any neck condition is recommended as soon as possible to minimize the danger of further aggravation. The following is a list of only some of the conditions that may cause neck pain is not a substitute for a visit to your doctor:

  • Radiculopathy: A pinched nerve, often from a herniated, or slipped disk. This causes pain down the arm that’s often described as an electrical feeling.
  • Myofascial Pain: Generally an aching pain in muscles that tends to be associated with poor posture, sitting at a computer or other job-related tasks. Patients can become sore in different parts of the body like the neck and arms, and often patients report they have difficulty sleeping or feeling restored from sleep.
  • Spinal Stenosis: A narrowing of the nerve openings either around the spinal cord or nerve roots that can cause symptoms similar to a pinched nerve. The pain is described either as an aching or an electrical feeling down the arm.
  • Tendon, Ligament and Soft Tissue Pain: Localized pain when an area is stretched or its muscles are overused. This results in tenderness.
  • Spinal Instability: Increased motion between vertebra, usually resulting from an injury. The pain typically feels like tingling in the neck or arms.
  • Non-Spinal Causes of Neck Pain: Pain imitating a neck injury, but from another cause. Shoulder and elbow injuries and gall bladder disease are examples of problems that can refer pain to the neck area.
  • Repetitive Strain Injury: An injury that occurs from a chronically used part of the body, either in a normal or abnormal way. These problems are often found in people who sit at desks or work at computers.

Treatment Options
The rehabilitation of neck injuries occurs in three phases. During the first phase, called the acute phase, physiatrists treat pain the inflammation. After they make a specific diagnosis and develop a treatment plan, physiatrists may offer treatment options like ultrasound, electrical stimulation, mobilization, medication, ice and even specialized injections.

In the second, or recovery, phase of treatment, flexibility and strength are developed to get the body parts into their proper positions. The goal of this phase is to get you back to your usual work, sports and leisure activities. This goal is achieved through specially designed exercises that rebuild the body.

The main goal of the third phase of treatment, the maintenance phase, is to minimize recurrence of the problem and to prevent further injury. This often consists of a total body fitness program, designed to maintain body mechanics and increase endurance after the original symptoms have resolved.

These are very broad and general approaches to the treatment of neck pain. The physiatrist that you choose will develop an individual treatment plan for you.